“Greetings, Mr. Bergo!

My name is Michaela Landstätter, I am 23, I have been working at Bill for a year and a half, and I am currently three months pregnant.

So. and some of my colleagues have read the book !!!!! What can I say? First: the book is fantastic! Secondly: I must tell you that it was very courageous on your part to write something like that. Third, the only thing I regret is that you wrote very carefully. Very careful. However, this is not a mistake, but a small remark. Fourth: I'm terribly sorry that Bill made this BIG mistake and let you go. It is a pity, and simply sad, that such a wonderful and motivated employee, like you, was forced to leave, because it did not work out in any other way. And here's another thing: everything you wrote about is correct and fully corresponds to the real state of affairs. We are all very glad that at least someone found the courage and brought out into the world everything that happens in Billa's branches. We hope you are doing much better now than when you worked at Bill. And at the same time, we hope that this book will be read by as many customers as possible, so that they understand that not everything that happens in our supermarket is the fault of the employees. In this sense, we would like to express our gratitude to you and at the same time wish you all the best and the very best for your future. Thank you very much! Your book has accompanied us on a daily basis during the last two weeks. And that means something! Best wishes, Michaela. "

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”


After reading yesterday all half of the night, and again and again today, I finished reading the book a good half hour ago. I absolutely love it !! I laughed and cried in places, because I can understand your disappointment too well. Mr. Unger and Mrs. Loibl (with her hysterical laugh) I also know. Ms. Loibl is still like that)))
Hopefully there will be a sequel someday ??
With the best and most cordial wishes, I also take off my hat to a wonderful job and to your wife, who endured your affair with Bill, or rather, your scam with Bill.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

3. Dear Mr. Bergo,
a few days ago we received a copy of your book and an invitation card to a presentation in our bookstore (Central Bookstore, Schulerstr. 1-3). I read your book with great interest - it was very fun, but also thoughtful. My friend also swallowed it in a few hours.
Regards, Gabi.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

4. My name is Susanna and I have been working at Bill as Deputy Branch Director for one and a half years. One of our representatives told me about your book. Arriving home, I immediately went to the Internet, opened your page, and what I read there, on the one hand, made me a little sad, although I believe that sadness is the wrong expression for my feelings. This confuses me, because you wrote from the heart and described what I am experiencing day after day. I am sad because I realized that I also require maximum strength from my body to do this job. But I would also like to say that, no matter what, I enjoy working at Bill, probably also because our employees and we (we are my boss and I) are a super team. Yes, the work is hard, nevertheless, I dare to say that the light in the eyes of our employees has not yet gone out, simply because we can always motivate them with fun and good mood and not let our frustration and stress from the bosses pass by them. But I also know for sure that things are different in most stores. Dear Mr. Bergo! Thank you for this book and I am very pleased to read it. I think I will probably order more books for my colleagues.
mfg. Susanna

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”


My experience of communicating with Bill takes place only as a "forced" client, since in the nearest neighborhood we have only one Bill, and therefore I sometimes have to go there to shop. Bill has already become more unsympathetic to me, precisely because the employees make an extremely damaged impression, I have to wait forever at the checkout and, apparently, there is no good working climate. You understand this very strongly - at SPAR, employee life seems to be better ...
I recently complained to Bill central about the sausage department and the optical impression of the branch at Alserstrasse 1090 Wien .... After that, the manager calls me at 7.30 pm on the phone, apologizing for Bill, for the fact that the store there is so small that there is storage space and therefore the aisles are so crowded that you, as a customer, are unlikely to be able to get through the store. Also, because of the lack of time for the employees, the sausage department looks like a battlefield in the evenings. Already then I found the audacity to force an employee who is busy above the roof to call her personal phone in the evenings. If the largest and most distinguished supermarket chain in Austria has not been renovating a branch for decades or, accordingly, has not invested in equipment and personnel, then this is very sad. This is not the fault of the employees / store managers. Also, I would like to point out that Billa also slept through the modern design of the store, as well as the new stores visually refer to the ex-communist states (10 years ago). the design of the store is so hateful, it looks the cheapest and in fact, when you see it, you think of a "cheap store"

Good luck with your book!

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

6. Good afternoon Mr. Bergo,
Your former boss, Mr. Welles, is writing to you. I was with Bill for 8 years. Having worked as a store manager (a daily visit of the owner - Mr. Vlashek) and a district inspector, I became your regional manager. I was devoted body and soul to the concern! But as a regional manager, I had too little free time, so I made the decision to leave Billa. Now I am a sales director for another large company.
Wish you all the best

C. B.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”


Dear Mr. Bill's former colleague,
I really like the book, I can only tell you, you write to me from the bottom of your heart!
Like you, I am grateful that I was allowed to work at BILLA from 1989-1992, I learned a lot from this, but I do not want to return anymore - with all the gratitude of the people who trade there. But if you go to shopping malls with an open eye, it probably looks like most trading companies. Troubles than in food retailing Probably still go to home stores.
Anyway, I will definitely recommend your book further!
I wish you all the best in the future and good luck with your new profession in the free mountain world!
Best wishes from Tulln,
Mikhail B.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”


If you only knew what has been going on in Billa stores since you pulled the book out or since the person talks about this book.
We already had a small `conference 'in our branch between the district leaders and several Billa branch leaders. It was very funny !!!! Some are already a little afraid if they are in the book, and if so, what is written about them. very funny!!!!
Well, we're really very happy. Hopefully I will receive the books soon and when I read them I will be very happy to contact you again. Just in case `Thank you`! And this comes not only from me !!!
with best wishes
M. L.