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In the ranks of Billa's employees, I worked 2000-2002. The book was published in 2006. Time passed. The year 2007 has come. With a circulation of 1,000 copies, it was slowly getting sold - via the Internet and through bookstores - but the book never got much publicity. However, at some point, something happened that to me looked as incredible as if my book suddenly appeared on the bestseller list or was given an international award.

Bill - albeit gradually and carefully - but began to rebuild! And exactly what I criticized in my book changed. Moreover, she even took advantage of the responses of my readers, which I posted on my site. In particular, after one of them criticized the old, as he put it, post-communist appearance of the branches, cursed their primitive yellow-red facades and praised the main competitor - the Spar company, Billa immediately announced on her website that 256 would be modernized this year. branches, and in the next - all the others. It's funny that one of the first to be radically rebuilt was the branch that I described in such detail in my book.

As a result, I got the feeling that the leading Austrian supermarket chain is guided by the comments I made when making development strategy decisions. The largest supermarket chain carried out a global rebranding exactly after the appearance of my accusatory novel, which means that I am expressing quite literate, relevant and workable ideas to myself!


While others say that it is impossible, the brave and quick take it and do it. The book about Bill was published more than 10 years ago, but only now unique circumstances have developed that made it possible to use Bill's know-how. So read about Bill's secrets to save on groceries and make money.

5eu.shop is one
family, one team,
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It is important to be in the right place at the right time, but it is also desirable to have a team with which you can storm the peaks. The 5eu.shop project is unique in that you have the happy opportunity to become a part of a legend, to take part in the most ambitious project of all time. IT'S EASIER TOGETHER! Timur and his team!


You are very lucky because this chance is unique. Billa is a powerful Austrian company owned since 1996 by the largest German concern Reve with a turnover of 62 billion euros. It has branches in 7 countries of the world: Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia. Want to know Bill's secrets?

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5eu.shop is the sharing economy "made in Austria"

Uber, Airbnb and other Silicon Valley companies have introduced the concept of “sharing economy,” which is the idea of sharing. This good philosophy “mine is yours” is sold under the guise of a fair and rational economic model, but only 5eu.shop thinks about how to make ordinary people richer.